Traditional, Diverse & Genuine
These are the top three words that describe the atmosphere and philosophy at Nick’s Taverna. Inspired by our Greek roots and classic culture, we set out to create Nick’s Taverna: a simple yet authentic Mediterranean family friendly restaurant that instills tradition, modernity, and authenticity. Gathering around a delicious, homemade meal using the freshest ingredients is a Greek family tradition. Nick’s Taverna is proud to invite you to experience our homeland and welcome you as part of the family.
Throughout your experiences with us, you will learn more about popular Greek dishes and how they are influenced by Mediterranean countries. We encourage you to look closely at the Mediterranean diet, as you will start to notice the simplicity of it and why it is considered to be the healthiest. There is so much versatile to offer, yet the use of olive oil and lemon have always been well-known in popular Mediterranean and Greek dishes. Of course, we use other common ingredients such as cheese (lots of it!), grains, and a variety of fresh herbs. Wine is another essential key component of Greek history. Perhaps you should know our appetizers or Greek “snacks” are referred to as Mezes, and our entrees date back to literally hundreds of years.
In Greek culture, the family structure is ranked the most important in society. We aspire to be the most family friendly restaurant you will experience in Brambleton, VA. For us, each memory created with friends and family is invaluable. From our choice of artwork and light fixtures to cleanliness and variety of menu choices, we have set out to create a family friendly ambience that is inviting to all guests. We have also placed a unique emphasis on providing exceptional training to our staff members and continuously educating them along the way.